Valentine’s Day Guide

Today is Valentine’s Day. The only holiday that is dedicated towards celebrating romance, and love. The day only comes around once a year, so you want to do something special.

Perhaps, you are interested in taking out your significant other on a nice dinner date. Taking your significant other out for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day is different than just any other normal date, you want it to be special.

Deciding where to go out to eat is the most important part. For a special occasion like this you want to impress them, and do something romantic.

An issue might be if you are tight with money, especially being a college student, so it could be tough to impress them without spending tons of money.

Also, wine is a prominent symbol with Valentine’s Day, especially with dinner, so traveling far outside of town could be an issue. Living in Glassboro, NJ, it could cost a lot for a taxi to get to a nice restaurant in Philly for example.

So this is my guide with regards to where to take your significant other for Valentine’s Day. This guide will provide college students that live in Glassboro, NJ some options to impress their significant other on a nice romantic dinner date.

Samurai Japanese Hibachi: The hibachi & sushi restaurant located on Delsea Dr. is a great place to take a date for Valentine’s Day. Over the weekend, I took my girlfriend there and we both had a great time. We are both 21, and the restaurant offers BYOB, so we brought a bottle of wine, in which they opened, and served to us in glasses.

We got sushi, as well as filet mignon, and chicken, which was alos served with fried rice, soup, salad, and lo mein. We sat down at a table surrounded by a large oval hibachi grill with a young couple, and a mother and her eight year old son.

The dinner was cooked in front of us by the cook, and he provided entertainment while cooking our meals. He threw pieces of celery at all of us, where we would have to try and catch them in our mouths. Also he stacked onions on top of each other, and lit the middle on fire, which he called “Volcano!”.

Although it can be a little pricy, it is definitely worth it especially for Valentine’s Day. We all were very impressed with the food, service, and entertainment which was exceptional, and I definitely would recommend taking a date there.

Samurai’s Fliet Mignon & Chicken, served with rice, lo mein, and vegetables.  $29
Samurai’s Sushi: Dynamite Roll & Hotel California $8. Sweet Potato Roll & Spicy Tuna Roll &2.50

2. Chickie & Pete’s:

The new bar & grill establishment which just recently opened up in 220 Rowan Blvd. is a great place to take your date for Valentine’s Date.

Me and my girlfriend also went here this weekend for lunch, but they had some great offering available for Valentine’s Day. On Chickie’s & Pete’s Facebook, they have a post“>Chickie’s & Pete’s Valentine’s Day special that offers a great special to bring your date. The offer includes a seafood bake, oysters, & crabmeat all for just $18.

When I went there with my girlfriend we both were very impressed with our meals, and service. We shared an order of their famous “crab fries”, and she ordered the tailgate burger which was topped with a crab cake, and I got the lobster cheesesteak which was delicious, and highly recommend.

Chickie & Pete’s Tailgate Burger

3. El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant:

This Mexican restaurant is a solid option for a date, and it also offers BYOB. When you are eating there, you feel like you’re actually in a restaurant in Mexico. It is filled with the native decorations, and plays slow soothing music. It’s a nice quiet place, you can drink a a glass of wine, and munch on some chips, and salsa which they provide for free.

The food is great no matter what I order, but my favorite meal from there is the Carne Asada burrito. The burrito is filled so tightly packed, that you can probably throw it to somebody without it falling apart. The burrito is delicious, and fills you up, which you are actually getting your money’s worth being it only costs $9. They also have a variety of meals there that are more expensive, but you can get away with spending less here depending what you order.


El Mariachi’s Carne Asada Burrito

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day eating guide, and that you have a great Valentine’s day!